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Day 102 – Time to Refocus

D102Taken with Nikon D90

“Doing something for 365 days is hard.”

Especially for someone like myself who doesn’t seem to have much in the way of stick-to-it-ness. Yes. I lack something in the way of…what should I call it…a long term ability to do any one thing. I’ve proven it time and time again throughout my life. It’s actually quite amazing that I’ve been doing this for over 100 days.

If It sounds like I’m giving up…I’m not. Not yet. I have to admit…it’s hard.

But instead of giving up. I’m going to re-focus. I started this project to improve my skills. I really think that I’ve made a lot of progress. But I’m stuck and I think I know why. I think that it’s time that I start using my other resources to photograph.

Today was an eye opener. I was at my son’s Pinewood Derby race with my other camera (Nikon D90) and it felt foreign to me. I had to stop and really work at it to get it setup the way that I needed it.

Sometimes we outgrow our goals, or our goals simply need to change with the circumstance. I asked myself today, am I doing this to impress people of how consistent I can be at taking photos with my iPhone or am I doing this to improve my photography? I had to answer that question with the latter. The underlying purpose of my goal is to be a better photographer.

So, it’s with much consideration that I’m changing the rules to my own 365. It will no longer be only about my iPhone. In fact, I’m going to try to take most pictures with my Nikon D90, and only use the iPhone on days when I must. I’m also going to start editing the photos using Photoshop and other tools I have. I might as well. I feel I’ve learned so much using my iPhone, there is not telling what I can learn if I use the other tools I have.

On a related not…maybe since I’ll be using my D90 again, I’ll start reading a page a day out of the manual.

Time to refocus!

Day 64 – Play That Funky Music

Taken with iPhone Camera. Edited with Photogene and Tiffen Photo Fx.

This evening was our childrens’ piano recital. In addition to their regular school work, they are required (by their parents) to take piano lessons. Twice a year they get to perform in front of people. It’s fun to see and hear them play.

I thought I would have some fun with this photo, so I told them to give me a really serious face, then I worked to try to give it a pen and ink sort of look.