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Day 164 – Peacock On The Walk

D164Taken with the Nikon D90 and the Lensbaby. Edited in Lightroom.

My daughter brought home a few peacock feathers the other day and I’ve always been drawn to iridescent object. I used my off camera flash and the Lensbaby which proved to be a good exercise in manual control.

The title ‘Peacock on the Walk’ comes from a story my mother told me when I was young. I can’t find any references to in online, and I don’t remember the story perfectly, but the story goes something like this:

There was once a man who claimed to have read every book ever written. Whatever book was mentioned he would claim to have read it. One day another man in an attempt to show the first man for the fraud that he was made up a title to a book, Peacock on the Walk, and pretended to have read it, raving how good it was. The first man claimed to have read it too, and said how wonderful it was. At this point man 2 revealed the truth and showed that man one was a fraud.

My mother told me that story to teach the lesson that we should always be careful about what we claimed.