2009 reading

  1. Outliers: Malcolm Gladwell
    Great book, shows that the self made man isn’t what he seems. Great people are those who were given the opportunity to work hard.
  2. Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  3. Reminiscences of a Stock Operator
  4. Magyk: Angie Sage (didn’t finish)
  5. When Panic Attacks: David Burns (didn’t finish)
  6. Treasure Island: Robert Louis Stevenson
  7. The Great Crash of 1929: John Kenneth Galbraith
  8. Secrets Of The Federal Reserve: Eustace Mullins
  9. Gold: The Once and Future Money: Nathan Lewis
  10. Outlander: Diana Gabaldon
  11. Fast Track Photographer: Dane Sanders
  12. The Lost Symbol: Dan Brown
    10.22.2009 see review
  13. Watchmen: Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons
  14. Neuromancer: William Gibson
  15. The Digital Photography Book: Scott Kelby

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