My DIY Micro Table Saw

There are many ways to cut PCB material. A good pair of sharp scissors work reasonably well. A paper cutter can do the trick as well (though it can draw the material a little, making it hard to keep the cut square.) So I’ve been noodling about how to get a good straight cut and decided that a small, simple table saw is what I needed.

A good one costs several hundred, and is more than I need. The cheep ones get such bad reviews that I can’t bring myself to buy one.

So I decided to make one. I used:

Granted, this is not the cheapest setup, and it might be a temporary solution for me, but it seems to work. I already had the router table that I never really used. So I more or less, just wanted a way to repurpose the table into something I can use.

I had to carve away at the bottom of the table so that the right angle attachment could be raised high enough for the cutting blade, but I didn’t go all the way through the top of the table, so the table is still basically usable for its intended purpose, should I decide to convert it back. I’ll have to see.

Bottom line, does it work? Yes…yes it does.

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