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Day 65 – Order Out of Chaos

Taken with iPhone Camera. Edited with Tiffen Photo Fx.

I had a plan for today’s photo but It will have to wait for tomorrow. I ran out of the house this morning without the subjects for my photo, so I had to improvise. Got me thinking about how disorganized I feel. Then I noticed a paperclip on my desk, and realized that the paper clip is a symbol of chaos and order. Looking at t pile of paper clips looks both chaotic and organized at the same time, and obviously, paperclips are used to keep things organized. If I could just harness the power of the paper clip in organizing my brain. That’s not so easy.

Tonight I’m going on a photowalk with the gang from Photowalking Utah. Should be fun. We are taking photos of Christmas Lights.

Day 64 – Play That Funky Music

Taken with iPhone Camera. Edited with Photogene and Tiffen Photo Fx.

This evening was our childrens’ piano recital. In addition to their regular school work, they are required (by their parents) to take piano lessons. Twice a year they get to perform in front of people. It’s fun to see and hear them play.

I thought I would have some fun with this photo, so I told them to give me a really serious face, then I worked to try to give it a pen and ink sort of look.

Day 63 – Another Ugly Mug

Taken with iPhone Camera. Edited with CinemaFX, Photo Sketch and Photogene.

Pop quiz. How many days has it been since I did my last self portrait? Okay, I’ll give you a hint. It’s more than 29 but less than 31. So why do I do it? Do I just love the way I look. Nope, that can’t be it, because I don’t. I think it has more to do with the fact that I have so few pictures of myself from when I was a kid, I’m trying to make up for it as an adult. Also, I have this little challenge going where I’m trying to come up with a creative photo ever day, so once in a while I figure that a self portrait is appropriate. Plus, I think I’m going to use this photo for my avatar various places. The last one is cool, but just looks too depressed.

I love this little app that I ran the picture through, Photo Sketch. It makes the photo look like it’s made up a scribbles from a pen or pencil. Very cool. I also added a little coloring to give it sort of an antique or jasper color.

Manual: p.57 Focus Lock

Images: Marianna returned from a trip to Japan…she has posted a few photos on her flickr account. She has some very cute cat pictures along with some beautiful and interesting photos from Japan.

Day 62 – Blue Light Special

D062Taken with iPhone Camera. Edited with CinemaFX and SkakeItPhoto

Holy Cow! Is it the holiday season or what! A time when we are supposed to reflect on many things…you know…for example…the birth of baby Jesus. It’s winter, so life is supposed to slow down…at least that is what happened a hundred or two years ago when many folks were small farmers. But now…life doesn’t slow down, it jumps to light speed. Cards have to be mailed, gifts thought of and bought, activities to attend, the list goes on and on. And still, we are supposed to work and sleep and do all the other regular life stuff. Something has got to give. What is it going to be…probably my sanity. 🙂

But after saying all that, life isn’t all that bad…I just wish it wasn’t so hurried. Why does it have to be so? Where is it written that we must run ourselves ragged? It isn’t.

So this is your invitation to slow down. This is your permission slip to relax and enjoy the end of the year. This is your encouragement to just stop and reflect on your life or whatever you want to think about…think about nothing if you want.

Manual and Images: None today…I’m giving myself permission to skip it today.

Day 61 – My Snow Angel

D061 - My Snow Angel
Taken with iPhone Camera. Edited with CinemaFX and Photogene.

It snowed quite a bit this week. And it has snowed enough today that the kids were able to go play, making snow angels and a snowman.

Additionally, I have some good news…I bought a new snow blower yesterday. My back is already much happier. I should really rerecord the time lapse video I made last year. I think I can make it much better this year. I’ve learned a lot.

Manual: p.206 Image Dust off Ref Photo

Images: None today.

Day 60 – A Purrrr-fect Christmas to You

Taken with iPhone Camera. Edited with CinemaFX and Photogene.

Christmas cards are a common tradition. We try to mix it up a little and not send out a photo of our ugly mugs every year. This year we decided to send out a photo of our good looking kitty. You can tell by the look on his face that he really has the Christmas spirit!

So if you aren’t on our Christmas mailing list, consider this your Christmas card from us to you.

Manual: p.119 Active D-Lighting

Images: Mileta Nikoletic, a photographer from Stockholm that I met through twitter. He recently purchased a Lensbaby.

Day 59 – Fortunately Unfortunately

Taken with iPhone Camera. Edited with CinemaFX and Photogene.

Fortunately I went to my local comic book shop today to ask about a series I had read a little about call Kabuki and found that the clerk had a good knowledge of the series. He also told me that there was an exhibit of the artist work on display in the nearby library.

Unfortunately today was the last day for the exhibit.

Fortunately I still had some time during my lunch hour to see the exhibit. It was amazing!

Unfortunately I couldn’t spend the time looking at it that the exhibit deserved. And I had missed the author/artist’s visit last Saturday where I could have met him first hand and even had him sign a copy of his work for me.

Fortunately they had a signed copy that I purchased.

Unfortunately I wasn’t planning on spending any money today.

Manual: p.75 Two-Button Reset

Images: Artist David Mack

Day 58 – Car Problems

Taken with iPhone Camera. Edited with Tiffen Photo Fx and PhtoStudio.

Do you ever have one of those day? Oh…it hasn’t been all that bad, but I think the title for this photo should be “brain problems” instead. I have a bad habit of leaving my car light on when I go to work. That is what happened today. I came out to my car to go get something for lunch, and the car’s battery is dead. Well, It’s not that big of a deal. I got it started thanks to a jump from a co-worker. I snapped a quick photo of the positive battery terminal when I hat the hood up.

Manual: p.22 Charge the Battery

Images: Artist Pasqual Ferry…he’s amazing

Day 57 – Glowing Gelatinous Goo

Taken with iPhone Camera. Edited with Tiffen Photo Fx and PhtoStudio.

Sometimes I like to just make images that are somehow surrealistic. Okay…I often to make images that are surrealistic. What started out as simply as ice can…with a little imagination…seem to be glowing gelatinous goo. Can you see it? Or what do you see?

I’ve included in the outakes a couple of other, more traditional treatments. I like them, but I wanted something colorful today.

Manual: p.90 Exposure Compensation

Images: I have a great love for comic book art. I think that comic book artist are some of the greatest artist of our day. I’m going to be including them in my daily image survey. Today I’ve looked at Joe Quesada, editor-in-chief of Marvel and prolific artist.