A New Year: 2015

Has it really been a whole year since I wrote here on jamesberghout.com? Time flies when you are…err… Well, never mind about that.

I really love the coming of a new year and the chance it gives me to make a new start. Every year is different. Some years come in with less planning and goal setting than others. This one is on the high side of goal setting for me. Though I’m not setting a great deal of ‘high end’ goals, I’m setting a number of really good ‘maintenance’ goals. Those that will improve my general well being and quality of life.

My goals for myself include solving my sleep problems, keeping a better journal, tying to figure out how to exercise more frequently, and working on doing better with personal finances, among other things.

I have a lot planned for this coming year and I have a feeling that this site will be a major part of it.

Stay tuned!

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